Established in 1999 in New Jersey USA, Premier Textile imports and distributes embroidery threads and supplies needed for the machine embroidery industry throughout the United States.

Particularly, it supplies rayon and polyester embroidery threads produced by DI DONG IL CORP, a leading player in the Korean textile and garment industry.

Additionally, it directly imports backings, Bobbins, metallic yarns, and other materials from Korea and Japan to achieve cost savings.

Through these efforts, Premier Textile strives to enhance its network in the US market and provide top-notch services.


Journey Towards Success

Our Promises


At our core, we prioritize savings for our customers.

As direct importers of premium-quality Embroidery Threads, Backing Papers, and Pre-wound Bobbins, we strive to bring you the best prices.

By importing our merchandise directly, we cut costs and pass those savings on to you.

Compare our prices with others, and you'll see the clear difference.

We guarantee to beat all competitors' prices!


We believe in delivering the highest quality to our customers.

Despite offering significant savings, we never compromise on quality.

Our bobbins and backing papers begin with top-grade raw materials and are manufactured using the latest textile technology.

Through constant quality control testing, we ensure that our customers receive the best products consistently.


At Premier Textile, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading service.

With most orders shipped on the same day, free delivery to local customers, and personalized handling of all accounts and orders by our dedicated sales staff, professionalism, and courtesy define our approach.

Experience the difference we make!

Premier Textile, Inc.

New Jersey Headquarters
90 Dayton Ave. Bldg 11, Unit 1C

Passaic, New Jersey 07055
Tel: 201-460-0038

Premier Textile, inc
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